Librarian Katrine Watkins and English teacher Kathleen Elder offer an engaging way to teach students efficient and effective search techniques. The Google Game challenges students to find sites with answers to questions in the fewest number of hits.

While playing The Google Game with my 8th and 9th grade students in Computer Literacy class, we found great benefit in using a Google Form to collect, sort, and view responses. For our class, Forms gave us the ability to:

  • View time stamps in the event of a tie,
  • Check URLs for the correct answer,
  • Verify search string results,
  • Sort results by answer or number of hits,
  • Move through rounds quickly, increasing engagement,
  • Record and archive all search strings and results, and
  • Copy and paste URLs, search strings, and game questions between the form and Google.

The last item in this list was crucial to the success of some of my students. Copying and pasting questions from the Form rather than reading and retyping leveled the playing field for students who have trouble keying, reading, or transferring information.

Image of list view in Spreadsheets.